Low Cost Solution Providing Highly Skilled and Managed Educators

CES provides outsourced teaching resources to the online education market from our Teaching Centres based in Cape Town, South Africa - the Global Offshoring Destination of the Year Award winner for 2016. 


CES educators work from the Centres and utilise our clients’ platforms to deliver education services to their students.  All educators are contracted and managed by CES according to our client company’s standards and requirements.

Educator Selection


Our educators are sourced from the ranks of South Africa’s English first language speaking population, which numbers approximately 5 million individuals. South African teachers are highly skilled and renowned for their teaching ability, empathy and ability to relate to students. 


The level of education and experience achieved by the educators varies dependant on each particular client’s needs. CES is able to resource additional specialist subject matter expertise, including additional languages, university lecturers etc.


CES has an established JV in place with a specialist provider of TESOL and TEFL training and certification and educators are put through this certification, or only hired if they already have a valid certificate, should this be a client requirement.




All CES educators have completed our unique certification programme, “CES Approved”, which focuses on equipping them with the relevant skills required to excel as international online educators.


Modules that are covered and tested include;


Technical Training Skills

  • Writing, typing and word processing

  • Electronic presentation

  • Web navigation and search

  • File management

  • Software, platform, camera, headset & computer troubleshooting

  • Trained to use a multitude of online tutoring aides and systems. 

  • Training customised to each specific client’s platform


Facilitation Skills

  • Engaging the student in the learning process, particularly at the beginning,

  • Appropriate questioning, listening and feedback

  • Skills on how to provide direction, support and guidance,

  • Managing interactions, speaking speed, providing students with equal opportunities to speak.

  • Relationship building, and motivating


Session Management Skills

  • Managing online discussions

  • Accommodating students with different learning styles

  • Knowing how to manage collaborative groups

  • Time management

  • Managing course material to be presented for different learning styles

  • Managing online student disputes

  • Being able to coordinate and involve students in activities


Cultural Awareness skills:

  • Managing student expectations (The role/standing of the teacher/tutor in different cultures.)

  • Awareness on correcting students from different cultures

  • Awareness on checking for comprehension/understanding

  • Concept of Service (Cultural)

  • Interaction with students of different cultures in session



The following aspects are fully managed by CES, as part of our service:


Human Capital

  • Recruiting, Assessing, Developing and Managing top talent



  • Managing Resources for Maximum Performance



  • Quality and Risk Management - securing results and peace of mind

Benefits of utilising CES’ Teaching Centres

  • Ability to offer a turnkey solution. Our centres can be set up/up scaled rapidly, allowing our clients to make fast and impactful decisions.


  • Cost Savings. The ability to access educators in bulk leads to significant cost savings in recruitment, HR, operational management and facilities. 


  • The location of our operations is a perfect time zone fit for Europe and Asia. Peak tutoring times, afternoon and evening, are core daylight hours in South Africa.


  • 24/7/365 operations.  This ensures that our client’s learners are ensured a consistent and ongoing service that is available to meet their preferred time requirements.


  • Exceptional educator quality.  South African’s by nature are generally a very empathetic and genuine people.  This coupled with CES’ extensive selection and training procedures assure you that our educators are of the highest caliber and are very patient and encouraging of students.


  • Access exceptionally trained and skilled English first language educators at bulk, without the need to physically relocate them, or to recruit, train and manage them.