CES Select


CES’ recruitment product, Select, is built on a technology platform that brings together the team’s decades of recruitment and marketing experience and blends it with our knowledge of what makes a great educator.


Our simple client interface is powered by CES’ extensive branding and advertising presence, our active database of suitable candidates and a revolutionary new screening and matching technology to create a powerful tool for organisations to use in order to drive increases in their recruitment productivity.


The large CES Select database is comprised of educators from all over the world that are in high demand including English teachers/tutors (kids, adult and business) and university level lecturers.


All recruitment requirements are fully customisable depending on the educator profile required.  Client reports and educator on boarding processes can be tailored to reflect any procedure that is relevant to each specific client’s internal needs.

Clients choose from one of the two products listed below:


Select Lite


This product favours clients that already have a strong and structured recruitment and vetting process internally, which can handle processing candidates in bulk.


The technology screens leads against the requirements of the role based upon information that candidates volunteer in their application, which is taken at face value.


These matching functions include relevant certificates, employment history and other knock out factors. The system can also be set up to not refer candidates that come from specific companies, including the client company should there be a policy in place to not hire ex employees.

Select 360 Insight


360 Insight brings the use of CES’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to the forefront, which is layered over the service already provided in the “Lite” product. The AI Predictor functionality scores and ranks leads based upon:


1. Likely Performance expected in the role.

2. Their risk of attrition.

3. Their suitability to the role and career being recruited for.


Applications are measured against multiple client and role specific constructs, which are inputted during the initial consultation phase. The matching is refined by utilising ongoing feedback from the client company’s internal recruitment teams, which is fed back into the AI leading to greater matching efficiencies.

Benefits of Utilising CES Select Recruitment


  • A deep understanding of the Online Education sector’s needs and challenges.  CES has an executive management team with decades of operational experience, particularly with regards to online tuition to international students and within the human capital and commerce sectors. 


  • Consistent and Measurable Results.  Due to our well-established and proven recruitment & operating processes, technologies and reports.


  • Ability to offer services at scale. Whether our client’s are small operators or large corporate clients our service is scalable to any need.  As your demand increases you can increase your recruitment requirement, without many of the usual overheads associated with doing it yourself.


  • Access to exclusive educators.  We have various joint venture agreements in place with providers of qualified educators, many of which are exclusive in nature and many of the educators that we represent prefer to only work with us when making a career move.


  • Reputable and Ethical Educator Management. We manage our educators in a highly ethical and respectful manner, ensuring that our brand and the brands of our clients are never compromised.


  • Project Management Expertise. The track record and ability to work large scale projects (set up, expansion etc.) through implementation of strict systems, processes and delivery mechanisms.